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canopy, noun
The uppermost branches of the trees in a forest, exposed to the sun’s rays.


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Here you will have a 360 degrees view of your business and the necessary hindsight to foster change and unleash your potential.
We are the showrunner of your new marketing strategy.

la canopée in a few words

Strategic marketing - Rebranding - Upscaling - Content creation - Storytelling - Social media management - Customer Relationship Management - Marketing analytics - Influencer marketing - CSR


3 areas of expertise

Move Upmarket

Upscale your brand. Sharpen your savoir-faire and refine your language.Why should you move upmarket? Over the past several years, there has been a shift in consumption: the mid-market is disappearing. A strong polarization occurs: there is a clearer dichotomy between low-prices brands on one side and high-end brands on the other side that are the most profitable segments. We help you benefit from this shift and adopt a more upscale positioning.

We help you define and develop your brand ethos by:
  • putting your heritage and values forward in order to strengthen your DNA while fostering an innovative spirit.
  • creating your own universe and communicating a brand culture that is unique to you.
  • strengthening your brand image by improving the aesthetic value at every touchpoint (website, social media, packagings, stores, advertisements, …).
  • creating a flawless customized shopping experience (online and offline).

Let your brand be inspired by the codes used by luxury giants to increase your margins and make competition irrelevant.


Don’t be a bystander of the digital shift. Digitalise your dialog and manage your e-reputation. To be digital is not an option, but a necessity. We help you achieve your digital transformation.

We help you:
  • create compelling and powerful content for your virtual storefront (website, social media, newsletters, etc.) that respects and enhances your visual identity.
  • find the right target audience and create successful digital marketing campaigns to maximize conversions.
  • analyse and fully exploit your data to increase your performance.
  • remove the silos between your physical and digital worlds in order to create a whole phygital experience.
  • run successful influencer marketing campaigns by choosing the right ambassadors for your brand who embody your values.

Millennials and Gen Z

Speak their language and raise their interest. Master the codes of these new generations, today’s most influential consumer groups.

We have defined 4 different aspects to which they are very sensitive. We help you work on these to better reach them.
  • We help you develop and promote your brand image. Having a good visual communication is key for these generations who grew up with Instagram.
  • We help you personalize your relationships with them. These generations are often reported to be narcissistic generations, in constant need for social recognition. Show them they matter and let them speak out.
  • We help you deal with their scepticism with regard to traditional sales techniques. These generations tend to be very suspicious of brands and companies. It is thus important to know how to reassure them.
  • We help you find a social and/or environmental cause to fight for, that is consistent with your values and that really matters to you. Corporate social responsibility is really important for these generations. Let them know you are aware of your responsibilities and your impact on the world.


our approach

Let’s reach new heights together. We help you develop and implement your vision.


Internal audit, assessment of the positioning performance and of the customer experience.

Identification of areas for improvement.

Discussions with all the relevant stakeholders and definition of a vision and value proposition.

Development of a powerful and achievable marketing strategy.

Alignment of all the internal processes with the vision and communication of the new objectives to all the internal stakeholders.

Quick and sustainable implementation of the new processes.

Transformation of every touchpoint with the customer/consumer and enhancement of the value proposition according to the new marketing strategy.

Brand potential fully unleashed and increased brand loyalty and advocacy

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